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PART TWO: AIDS, Drugs, Pyramid Club & MTV. An Elegant Mess

When Levi Dexter and manager Leee Black Childers landed in New York, Robert Gordon was already a well-established rockabilly star; but it was Levi & The Rockats who really inspired the Stray Cats and gave birth to neo-rockabilly.

Following the success of Studio 54, dance clubs were springing up like mushrooms in NYC: Mudd Club, Pyramid Club, Danceteria, Club 57; never before had New York so much fun dancing… until the AIDS epidemic devastated the art world.

David SCHARFF • Kid CONGO POWERS • Robert GORDON • Levi DEXTER • Gail HIGGINS • Slim Jim PHANTOM     Danny B HARVEY  Allan TANNENBAUM • Peter CASE • Mike SKILL • Michael MONROE • Keith STRENG •            Wendy WILD • Deb PARKER •  Bob BERT • Mickey LEIGH • Deb O’NAIR • Shari MIROJNICK • Andrea KUSTEN