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PART THREE: Behind The Green Door:

Backyard Curse & Repression




Early 1990s, all eyes are on Seattle. The record companies’ love affair with grunge frustrates the New York bands.

D Generation is the biggest thing happening in town since The Heartbreakers.

Thanks to Rudy Giuliani, rock clubs and gay clubs are forced to close. The New York City nightlife is decimated. It is the start of an irreversible gentrification.

In the late 1990s, The Mooney Suzuki are the precursors of a new and vibrant New York rock scene. A blessing to start the new millennium.

Johnny DYNELL • Russell SIMINS • Todd RADICT • Curt GOVE • Eleanor WHITLEDGE • Brad WORRELL 

Stormy SHEPHERD • TRIGGER • Jesse MALIN • Danny SAGE • Howie PYRO • Johnny T • Nick MARC 

Gina VOLPE Lindsey ANDERSON • Brijitte WEST • George TABB • Eli JANNEY • James CANTY  

Sammy JAMES Jr