“All of your time and investment have been to lay down how it was/is and is history preserved for future generations as much as readers now. It’s precious. “


These books really are amazing!”


“You know, all history is important. I think this is cool what you’re doing.”


”It’s people like yourself that will inform and get ‘the real’ story to the people.”


“I’m super impressed with that list of people you talked to. I mean, it’s really a completist list. I love the mix of really famous people and really underground people. This is gonna be a fascinating book. I think that’s perfect.“

Binky PHILIPS (The Planets)

“Let me say, I love this book “If We Build The Stage, Can We Play?”

Debbie HARRY

“A true historical music master.”

“I’m honored to be part of your project.”

“Thank you for bringing us all together as a tribe of creative individuals who traveled the path …. Respect.”
Sesu COLEMAN (Magic Tramps)

“Loving this book so much!”

Bob BERT (Sonic Youth / Pussy Galore)

“Wow! I’m blown away by this series. Such a wonderful walk down memory lane. Thank you!”

Eleanor WHITLEDGE (The Goops)

“Loving the books!!!”

 “Great work.”


“They are awesome!!

Well done!”

Curt STITCH (L.E.S. Stitches)

“I think it’s a great idea, and honestly, a much more compelling concept than just another book about a rock band.”

Mickey LEIGH

If We Build The Stage, Can We Play? is an anthology of life stories of artists who forged the New York City rock’n’roll scene. Fifty years (1970-2020) of raucous joy, heartbreaking losses and unmatched resilience. A collection of exclusive narratives (and additional interviews and comments) portraying the lives of young artists facing up to the harsh reality of the City’s bankruptcy, gentrification and terrorist attacks. From the New York Dolls to D Generation to The Strokes; from Max’s Kansas City to Coney Island High to Brownies; an amazing look at the City’s social and cultural changes.

Foreword by Debbie Harry

Prologue by Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes)

On sale on Amazon!

On sale on Amazon!

On sale on Amazon!

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