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PART FOUR: The Early Aughts. Crying On The Dance Floor


Following the 9/11 tragedy, New Yorkers, with a heavy heart, are back on the dance floors.

With the success of The Strokes comes the rebirth of rock’n’roll in the City.

The world celebrates the return of the New York Dolls.

With the advent of new technology, young musicians are definitely more independent. As a result, the major labels are falling apart.

Bohemia is long gone. Hipsters and NYU students are replacing the bums on the Bowery. Gentrification is killing the art in Manhattan. Artists can’t afford to live there and escape to Brooklyn.

9/11 • THE STROKES • Richie BAXT • Will ROCKWELL-SCOTT • Matt HICKEY • Geoff TRAVIS • JP BOWERSOCK • Gordon RAPHAEL • James ENDEACOTT • Nick VALENSI • Julian CASABLANCAS • Albert HAMMOND Jr • Nikolai FRAITURE • Colin LANE • Randy HAECKER • Michael KRUGMAN • Doug GILLARD • Rick FROBERG • Kim FOWLEY • Adam GREEN • Roget LERNER • Rick KELLY • Mike STUTO • Anthony ROMAN • Brian CHASE • Steve SCHILTZ • Steve CONTE • Brian DELANEY •  Sammy YAFFA • Jim JONES • Donald CUMMING • Kristin GUNDRED • Ben HOZIE

Plus: Philippe MANOEUVRE (France), Fabrice DEMESSENCE (France), The PARISIANS (France), The KING BROTHERS (Japan), Tim ROGERS (Australia), Alan McGEE (England), Carl BARAT (England), Anton NEWCOMBE (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), Larry HARDY (In The Red Records), Britt DANIEL (Spoon), The DANDY WARHOLS (Courtney TAYLOR, Peter HOLMSTROM, Brent DeBOER, Zia McCABE)